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  • The Viper posted 1309 days ago

    The Viper

    I woke up this morning, I do my usual morning taking a shower, brushing my teeth, etc, as soon as i'm done doing my stuff, i immediately realized that today is Monday which means we have Raw tonight, the day looks promising, as i thought of having a blockbuster football match this evening between Germany and Portugal and Monday Night Raw tonight, i'm super excited, then i took my phone (Samsung note 3 N9005) to check out my inbox (Outlook) Only to find out that B/R notified me that someone replied to a comment i've posted, they provided me a link, so i made click on it to direct me straight to the comment where i saw that comment "You want people to kiss your ass like you kiss Orton's ass?" After reading this, i was momentarily left speechless, because i didn't know how to react to it, should i reply to it? Should i be happy about it? Should i be mad at it? Should i let it slide? I thought. But in the end, i said to myself, if someone says i kiss Randy Orton's ass, that's a good thing, because i don't kiss CM Punk's ass who is known to be a bad example, has no class, has no professional attitude, has poor hygiene (Look at his teeth, yellow), he is a hypocrite, egomaniac and complacent. Orton on the other hand, he is the other way around, Healthy, wealthy, selfless, honest, hard working and very professional, he was a bad guy? Yep, just like everyone else in their youth, he wasn't born perfect. You learn from your mistakes through as days go on to mature, but once you hit your 30s, you show no sign of maturity, then you are lost, which pretty much is CM Punk today.