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Adam Holm

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Born and raised in Chicago. At the age of 4 realized that I hated the Bears and became a full fledged Buffalo Bills fan. I liked there colors. I was 4 and didn't have any reasoning for my decisons just based them on what I liked. The eariliest memory that I have is the 90 Superbowl when Knorwood missed the kick. I remember sitting on the couch with my Bills jacket on watching the game and watching him miss the biggest kick of his career. I was permantely heart broken. I would go on to watch 4 disappointing super bowls and later want to hang myself but shit happens just ask Forrest Gump. As of last year I fully became a season ticket member to the Buffalo Bills. I drive 600 miles from Chicago to Buffalo for the home games and have no regrets about it. Being a Bills fan is a way of life and you have to live that life every day by supporting your team. I live and die with the Bills.

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