Scott Miller

Scott Miller


I live and breathe Atlanta sports. I live and die with every Braves pitch, every Falcons pass, and every Hawks shot. I dive head first into the stats, immersed in local sports radio and news. This is my city and I love my teams, and I'll defend them even when none of them are any good!

I grew up in Atlanta and went to school at UGA. I'm not at all what you'd call a typical Southern, good-ol' boy, but I am proud of where I come from, especially in the sports world, and I'm always up for a healthy debate. Talking sports is what I love.

I currently work as a graphic designer outside Atlanta, and you can check out my work at

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  • Akash A posted 2926 days ago

    Akash A

    I think you'll like this article about not only Brady vs. Peyton, but also about the Patriots' offensive unit as a whole!
    I would love for you to read and comment.

    Akash (

  • Matthew Falkenbury posted 2955 days ago

    Matthew Falkenbury


    I just came up with the list of the best current Major Leaguers wearing the numbers One thru Ten. I hope you can take a look and voice your opinion on my list. Thanks in advance,

    - Matthew Falkenbury

  • Joel Barker posted 2958 days ago

    Joel Barker

    Hey Scott... love the picture!!!

    Would you mind checking out my latest?

    It's my Father's Day tribute to the man who taught me about life and sports... Check it out when ya get time...

  • Paul Swaney posted 2960 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    Remember Darrell Evans? Was he better than Dwight Evans?

  • D.A. posted 2960 days ago


    hey scott, here's my 2009 mlb all-star ballot. what do ya think?


  • Griffin Cooper posted 2961 days ago

    Griffin Cooper

    Hey Scott,

    I wrote a piece in May highlighting the position players that I thought should make the all star team. I started a 2-part follow up piece today focusing on starting pitchers. I started with AL. If you get the chance, I'd appreciate it if you took a look at it. Thanks


  • Joel Barker posted 2967 days ago

    Joel Barker

    Is Terry Pendleton to blame for Atlanta's offensive woes?

  • Akash A posted 2968 days ago

    Akash A

    I thought you might like this article on the Red Sox' All-Time Team. I would love to hear your opinion!

    Akash (

  • Joel Barker posted 2973 days ago

    Joel Barker

    Check out my latest two articles... One is in response to all of John Smoltz's rhetoric...

    The other is a response to anyone and everyone who thinks it actually matters that we let go of a 40-something pitcher who has nothing left in the tank...

  • Mike Kent posted 2973 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Missing Shawn Green, PLZ let me know what you think