Taylor Anderson

Taylor Anderson


5'11 200lbs
Alabama born and raised. And let me stop you here with your questions and jeers, "Forest Gump is a fictional character. And yes, Y'all is a fully acceptable contraction in the southern vernacular."

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  • Chris Lane posted 1868 days ago

    Chris Lane

    Taylor....I'm a pretty cool dude for an old guy. You don't have to leave messages on my bulletin board because you do not like something that I said. Be cool, like a man, and say it on the comment board where it belongs. Don't take what I'm saying as rude. What I am saying may seem rude, but I really am not trying to be rude. That's not the way I am and I certainly don't want you or anyone here at B/R to think of me as "the rude Buckeye fan idiot". I do realize that most of us Buckeye fans are thought of as idiots anyway, but that is simply what happens when your team has the largest fanbase of all CFB teams (Yes, Buckeye Nation is the largest fanbase in all of CFB). We Buckeye fans have been hated by most MOST CFB fans for a long time, even before the "Tat-Gate" scandal.

    Anyway... I hold no resentment towards you for the "butt-hurt" comment, and even though it was written in the wrong place, I'm glad that you wrote it where you did. Bleacher Report is a place for serious sports fans to DEBATE sports topics and these sports topics are often brought to us from amateur sportswriters. It gives B/R a newspaper type feel but it also lets ALL fans express their opinions whether they know their sports very well or hardly at all. I love the place. People that I consider trolls often come here to spread their hate and that kills me. Trash talking is for drunks at sports bars (I know... I used to be one) and trash talking is done on 50% of the comments here at B/R. I wish the trash talking and all of the hate would disappear from B/R, but it never will. I hope you are neither a troll or a trash talker that comes here to simply spread your hate. I've researched you just a bit and I know very little about you. Really though... I'm not a bad dude at all. Please don't think of me that way. If you already do think of me that way... I beg you for another chance.

    I'm sure that we will one day have a proper DEBATE over something and you will see that I'm not some troll that is full of hate. I just really want to know why "SEC fans" seem to be "SEC fans" FIRST and put their team SECOND. See, I am an Ohio State fan first and a Big Ten fan second. The fans of the SEC seem to be the other way around, especially the younger fans. I just REALLY want to know what would drive a 'Bama fan to root an Auburn team on to victory just because they are in the SEC. That is very backwards to me.

    Take care, bud. Hate me if you wish.