Aaron OConnor

Aaron OConnor


My name is Aaron O. I own a construction company. i just got married in june of 08. I am absolutely addicted to the los Angeles Lakers.

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  • Ricky Chan posted 2747 days ago

    Ricky Chan

    hey... new article... first one in a long time... went MIA for a while


  • Ricky Chan posted 2881 days ago

    Ricky Chan

    this a humor article which will turn into a series of many articles in which I hold fake interviews with sports icons... if you get the chance please spread the word... thanks


  • Ricky Chan posted 2925 days ago

    Ricky Chan

    Hey... if you haven't already I would love if you could check out my new article

  • Ricky Chan posted 2927 days ago

    Ricky Chan

    Hey... come check out my new article...

  • Steve Smith posted 2928 days ago

    Steve Smith

    Aaron, you might also want to check out a slideshow tribute I created in honor of The Sporting News on their 123rd Birthday this St. Patrick's Day.


    I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for the support.

  • Ricky Chan posted 2929 days ago

    Ricky Chan

    Hey... I don't know if you have read it but it's my lastest article

  • Steve Smith posted 2930 days ago

    Steve Smith

    Aaron, you might want to check out the latest installment of my series, What's Up With That?


    Thanks for the support.

  • Bruce Beaver posted 2932 days ago

    Bruce Beaver

    no problem bro, be well!!

  • Bruce Beaver posted 2933 days ago

    Bruce Beaver

    let me know when u get Kobes dick out of ur mouth and then we might be able to have an intelligent discussion, though i seriously doubt it

  • Ricky Chan posted 2940 days ago

    Ricky Chan

    All Laker fans are my friends, especially when they have good arguments!!!