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I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, but was forced to relocate to Richmond, VA in 1987, an economic refugee from the steel industry collapse. Based on the number of Pittsburghers I meet in my travels, its clear I'm not alone.

Stan Savaran of Fox Sports Pittsburgh told me a couple years ago, "There is no such thing as a former Pittsburgher." He's right. I still feel very connected to everything that takes place there. I root for the region to succeed as much as I cheer for the black and gold. Being from that area makes me root for small market teams and underdogs as well.

I detest what Steinbrenner did to the economics of baseball and what Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder have been trying to do to the NFL. Thank God there are people like Dan Rooney in this world; I wish we had fewer Barry Bonds and TO's in sports and more Cal Ripkens and Gary Players.

The last time I did anything like this was back in college in the late 70's, where I handled daily sports news reporting on the school's radio station.

In my day job, I'm an overweight Finance executive with a Scandanavian industrial equipment manufacturer. A great wife, three beautiful daughters and way too many pets. So this is a nice escape.

Thanks for reading my contributions and I look forward to your comments and feedback.

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