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  • nick collis posted 1553 days ago

    nick collis

    hey marc everybody wants to see the fall of alabama and me along with many other people in Gator Nation

  • Bill Snider posted 1574 days ago

    Bill Snider

    I love it. I guess you're concerned about these young college athletes moral compasses. Maybe you can pray for their souls this Sunday. Get down on your hands and knees and........whatever....lol

    I don't care what they do as long as they run and catch passes and stay eligible. Same for the NFL....I could care less..

    I want my team to win. I want your team to lose. As long as they're out of jail in time for the game I don't care.
    Oh, yeah I forgot. I "do" want to make sure they meet all they're parole obligations.
    You want to try and bother me with anymore of your trivial drivel?

  • Mista Amazing posted 1770 days ago

    Mista Amazing

    GO bulldogs!!

  • Marc M posted 1907 days ago

    Marc M

    No sweat man. Yeah both defenses really played well yesterday. Loss hurts but it's still been a season to remember. Muschamp is doing a remarkable job with our guys, but Georgia should win out I would think. I'll be pulling for UGA against Bama.

    Also, I'm not sure who wrote that article in the UGA paper but it was a really stupid and classless thing to do. I do apologize for them. Unfortunately we do have those types of fans but I hope it won't overshadow the fact that there are those of us that believe in showing great sportsmanship win or lose. Anyways good luck to Georgia the rest of the way.

  • Marc M posted 1908 days ago

    Marc M

    Hey man congradulations on a huge win. Georgia's defense played extremely well. Represent the East well in the SECCG :)