im a die hard laker fan and have been one all my life. lets just say that im prolly the bigest laker fan in texas. yea i know what your thinking why dont i go for houston or dallas or even worse those sorry spurs. well idk ive always had a thing for the lakers they were just my team when i first starting getting serious about sports. and when they won it all in 2000 AND WENT ON TO WIN IT AGAIN 2 MORE TIMES i thought it was amazing and couldnt believe it. ever since then ive been real serious about the lakers. yes i thik kobe is better than that guy that trys to act like the real 23 all the time in clevland.we all know who the second coming of jordan is and he wares 24 baby!

im a big strong 17 year old kid still in school with only one year left. grades are good and college is approaching. i love sports and im very good at writting stories as well as telling them. i srtive to be a sports writer one day. i know it may be hard but im up for the challenge. i have one year of high school left and i try and stay focused, but football and friends somtimes get in the way but that comes with life. bootom line i want to be a sports writter and i stubbled across this site and it looked interesting.

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