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  • Nathan Giese posted 2089 days ago

    Nathan  Giese

    Hey Zach,

    Sorry it took me a couple days to see this. I've been busy with moving stuff out of my dorm room and finals work this week.

    As for your question, honestly I don't know what to think anymore. With all the recent developments with Brock Lesnar, Johnny, Lord Tensai, John Cena and Triple H, nothing seems to be on any sort of cohesive pattern anymore. I mean, first we all thought Cena was going to take time off after his speech at Extreme Rules, now it doesn't look like that's going to happen right now. Honestly, I thought Cena really did think he was more injured from his match with Lesnar than he really is and now I'm more convinced than ever that that speech wasn't really planned and he'll be around for at least a while, especially now that it looks like Miz will be starring in the Marine 3 and not Cena as previously reported.

    Regarding the current GM situation, I do see Johnny taking control over the company at least until the end of the summer and taking a more physical, proactive role like Vince did back in the day. Now it looks like Triple H will be taking on Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam so we should be expecting to see him on screen more often, even if they are playing up the broken arm approach.

    Like I said before, I'm not really sure what is real and what is scripted anymore, which is good because it opens the door for more excitement and entertainment. We also have Smackdown Superstars challenging for Raw titles and Raw guys challenging for Smackdown titles, so who knows what is going on with the draft or even the brand separation anymore. It's one of those times where it's fun to be a fan because we don't know what to expect.

    Thanks for the question. If you have any other inquiries, feel free to message me again. I really enjoy your questions.

    Thanks again Zach.

  • Nathan Giese posted 2104 days ago

    Nathan  Giese

    Thank you Zach.

    Well, to answer that question, I think it all depends on when the draft finally does come around, on whether or not Orton stays on SmackDown or switches to Raw. If he goes to Raw, I do think Orton will be one of Johhny's favorite targets because he will be one of the biggest men on the brand. If he stays on SmackDown, he could still toy with Randy a little bit, but I think he'll focus more on Sheamus and guys like Big Show. Unless Randy gets fed up with some of the antics of the GM, it's possible they rarely cross each others' paths, but anything is possible.

    Simply put, possibly, but right now it doesn't make much sense to do it. Not that it won't happen, just right now it doesn't fit as well as him going after CM Punk and John Cena does.

    Thanks again. If you have any other questions or comments feel free to leave me a message. I always love interacting with fans.

    Take care.