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  • Captain Fantabulous posted 2933 days ago

    Captain Fantabulous

    Rico I have forwarded the latest post on my article to the community leader.

    It's not acceptable.

  • Doug Urschel posted 3110 days ago

    Doug Urschel

    rico suave: It's obvious that you don't like my writing, or me, and you post just to ridicule. If that's who you are, fine. It's none of my business. However, others enjoy my articles and say so. I believe they have a right to read them without having to go through a long assault, by insult, on me, by you.

    It's also obvious to me that you are a member of this site as an antagonist, not as a thoughtful reader. Your record of no articles and 64 comments speaks for itself. I wonder if this is what BR wishes to have as a member? That's not a threat. it's what I'm thinking.

    Simply put, you don't like me, who I am , or what I've done, for whatever reason. Fine. I get it. Now go somewhere else. I don't wish to have a reader like you. Am I clear?

    After reading the above, a mature adult would just move on. Maybe I'm hoping against hope. Please surprise me. I don't know you and don't want to. I don't wish to communicate with you again. I will never read anything that you will ever write, just in fear that you might contact me.

    By the way, if you wish, please, please, forward this note to BR. They would, no doubt, appreciate it. Please do, or I will have to.