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  • rakim lemont posted 1089 days ago

    rakim lemont

    I don't know anything about the college game and won't pretend to. How do you judge players besides stats? THe problem with using anything EXCEPT stats, is it all comes down to who likes who more. Arguements just turn into shouting matches, with one person screaming player A is better, and the other person screaming back F you, player B is better. Without stats, neither person can prove who is the better player. When/IF I say Kobe is average, I mean average comapred to the players we are comparing him against ( Top 10 of all time).

  • rakim lemont posted 1089 days ago

    rakim lemont

    Kobe's one of the greatest to ever play the game. I don't hate him, but did you actually read the argument I had with the other guy on the lakers article? I showed all the facts. Kobe doesn't play as well career wise and playoff wise, as well as the top 10 players of all time, Wade included. THere's jsut nothing I can do about that. If Wade is better at everything, he's better at everything, sorry. He's also not very clutch either, he's pretty average. Again, not opinion, but factual and evidence based. Do the research before you condemn factual opinions.

  • rakim lemont posted 1090 days ago

    rakim lemont

    Ignorant is when all the facts say the same thing, but you say F it, this goes against my bias preconcieved notions, so therefore it's wrong. Get real James Bond lol.

  • Greg Yoder posted 1105 days ago

    Greg  Yoder

    hahahaha i see we both have let marcus know how we feel about jones domination and all.... loved the post you left, that was awesome lol

  • Greg Yoder posted 1109 days ago

    Greg  Yoder

    dude you said it man! i actually get to a good article then i see that he's posting his anti silva/jones crap again..... on everything remotely related to silva/chael/jones/evans. heck he's putting it on stuff that has nothing to do with them. lol but its funny to see all the flack he recieves after posting them moments later. haha

  • Greg Yoder posted 1111 days ago

    Greg  Yoder

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, nice post you put on marcus' board. "rashad has you penciled in" hahahahaha that's priceless dude, that guys been getting on my nerves dude. i'm fanning you for that man hahaha