I love watching baseball and football. Baseball is my favorite sport. If a game is on, I'll watch it regardless of the teams. Football I have to have a little more interest in the teams. But now that I started playing fantasy football I have been better watching any game, as long as I have a player on my team! With basketball or hockey, I like my teams and that's about it. My favorite teams in all sports are Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Utah Jazz. I am proud to say I have see 3 of my teams win the championship in my life. And if it wasn't for Michael Jordan the Jazz might have won as well.

I have been a fan of pro wrestling my entire life. I think my first encounter to wrestling was in 1987 and I have been hooked ever since. I grew up a huge fan of Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect. Back when Wrestling was great! There have been times that I have almost given up on wrestling but just like the mafia they keep pulling me back in. I was there the night Brock Lesnar and Big Show collapsed the ring. I was there for Ric Flair's last WWE match. I own a crap load of WWE DVDs. I have recently started blogging about wrestling again, but I don't consider myself part of the IWC.

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