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i am an avid Race fan and also CEO of ARIPO SYSTEMS INC located in the Caribbean. Coming from a linguistical childhood and background . I speak three languages(ENGLISH,SPANISH,PATOIS).I play chess and am an avid internet person. I have four kids(1 girl, 3 boys) all grown now.My wife is A Caribbean Indian and she is practically a cert for seriousness.I love Lobster, Champagne, wine,Roti and also the WEST-INDIES Cricket Team headed by the hard hitting Chris Gayle(Captain).I am a perfectionist and also very honest in what I say I do.Everything with me is about passion and trying and working hard to attain results.I love life and I do have a soft heart for the weak and unfortunate. I love what I do and I love my family and relatives. Life is too short to waste it on being negative all the time. I am very optimistic about everything even when the odds are stacked high against me. What a fool some may say but there is GOD. Who can doubt his infinite powers?

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  • Anthony Currie posted 3213 days ago

    Anthony Currie

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