Scott Revels

Scott Revels


An infinite amount of time could be spent describing to you the attributes that make up my being. It's not a task that I have the time to put great detail into.

Here is a list of things that I could do that would be more rewarding than sitting here telling you about myself:

- I could read the definition for the word Tautology.
- I could write an insightful letter that describes the reasons why Gary Oak is the greatest fictional character ever created.
- I could piece together a 500 piece puzzle and then throw it at the wall and contemplate the fleeting moments of precious victory.
- I could tell my cat a dirty joke knowing full well he's sworn to secrecy.
- I could imagine that I am flying and spend the next hour wondering how far I would get before I would be hit by a plane.
- I could dream of being the secret fourth member of The Anix and how my awesome air guitar skills would eventually lead me to developing a huge ego that eventually causes a rift between the other members of the band and myself.
- I could look out the window and wish death upon the neighborhood dogs.
- Go fishing in the bathtub.
- Tell myself that I am not crazy and that because I am talking to myself doesn't mean I am crazy but the fact that I am trying convince myself that I am not crazy is in fact the reason why I am indeed crazy.

What I can tell you is that I am a fan of the Clemson Tigers and Tennessee Titans. I enjoy Football, MMA and Wrestling.

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