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As a life long sports fanatic, my life has revolved and evolved around sports and my experiences with them. Growing up I played basketball everyday, high school baseball and sports video games in between. At college I realized that my professional sports dreams were just that, dreams that would stay as images in my mind. So to keep a part of my life connected to the sports world - besides the intramural sports world - I began writing about my favorite athlete and favorite sport. After not being able to find enough content on the web about Tracy McGrady, member of the Orlando Magic at the time, I contacted a website with T-Mac info and began my sports writing career. From there I wrote for, covered Magic games, met T-Mac in person and even got a picture to preserve that memory. Having gained a little experience in sports coverage, I picked up a sports writing job with the FSView - Florida State University's student newspaper. After a semester covering FSU sports, I became an assistant editor, then finally the sports editor the following year. I continued with the FSView until graduating in 2005 with an English degree. I then returned home to Fort Lauderdale where I covered local high school football for the Sun-Sentinel before settling in to a full-time teaching job. Currently I'm still hoping to find a permanent gig in the sports world and continue to write when I can. At this time I am also a "Glogger" for, providing written commentary to games as they progress.

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