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I love rock n roll, the NFL, and the NBA. I once played minor league baseball and have many other tales to tell from a life being lived in New York City, but here my focus is the The New York Jets. Who are not a football team, but a never ending suspense filled, action packed drama. A living and breathing entity whose only consistency is in defying logic.

Since their inception as the Titans, the Jets have been dealing with the confounding human issues of acceptance and the eternal search of finding one's self. Their glorious victories are often followed by earth shattering crashes. Their games and seasons never go quietly, or ever as planned. Their decision making is rarely sensible. Their personnel choices will forever be impossible to predict.

The delusion that a Super Bowl title is actually possible in our lifetime, enters with each new season for the Jet fan. However the true die hard is born with a special instinct that reminds him or her never to feel safe. That the glass must always remain half empty. That is because something ruinous is always lurking around the corner.

For the brave ones who fail to heed the warnings of history, only to venture into the unprotected trappings of belief, the fall is alot further and more painful upon landing.

Not to mention, that in what often first appears as some divine payback, we loyalists frequently wake up to the excitement of front page news about our beloved team in the local tabloids. Too often however, it is of the unwanted variety.

This collection of characteristics is what draws the rabid Jet fan to the team, and me to you.

Check out my home page and where I contribute thoughts, for more Jet musings. Listen to my band if you are at all curious as to how years of willingly witnessing Jet crashes on runways across America translates to sound.


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