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  • Ian Rodgers posted 24 days ago

    Ian Rodgers

    Sorry Tom, I missed your post from a while back! No problem at all.

  • Josh Arcadia posted 25 days ago

    Josh Arcadia

    you are a Messi butt-kisser

  • Mark Archer posted 56 days ago

    Mark Archer

    Hi Tom - your articles on the IRB rankings are great. You and the other pundits who comment on rankings wait until the rankings are published by IRB before reporting which means that news that could be released quicker is delayed by days. Would you consider writing a report immediately if you had a reliable table provided? Can do..and would be happy with a credit. Could give you table at final whistle of England v Australia which could see big changes in the rankings.

  • Cal Gildart posted 102 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    You're more than welcome. Great read (reads) as always.

  • Glen Danquah posted 139 days ago

    Glen Danquah

    No problem, Tom. And I agree, the replacement tweet works much better. Nice one!

  • Declan Nicholson posted 141 days ago

    Declan Nicholson

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  • Cal Gildart posted 250 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    No problem at all!

  • Leo Collis posted 252 days ago

    Leo Collis

    Any time, Tom!

  • Matthew Johnston posted 312 days ago

    Matthew Johnston

    No worries man, sorry about that. I double-checked the European Terminologies and Nicknames resource and looks like we were both right - B/R uses "Villans" and "Villains," I'm just used to seeing Villains in the papers.

  • Cal Gildart posted 361 days ago

    Cal Gildart

    Anchovies remained! I was merely commenting on how much I liked that being in there—it was also nice to learn a new nickname. Nice one.