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  • Joshua Rios posted 1792 days ago

    Joshua Rios

    Yeah looks like ATL may make a run for him if he hits free agency next summer also the Mavs might 2 if Deron goes there or maybe he'll be "blackmailed" to sign a 5 year max contract with the Magic lol

  • Joshua Rios posted 1792 days ago

    Joshua Rios

    Did u see Nets want Johnson and struck a deal to get I honestly don't know how they expect t get Howard even in FA next year because they can't amnesty JJ and he takes up WAY to much cap glad that the Nets are run by Billy King lol

  • Elijah Abramson posted 1794 days ago

    Elijah Abramson

    Hi Rohit - Just read your article on LeBron haters. I have a couple of good friends that are Laker fans/LeBron haters and found it interesting in light of your Laker fandom. Great job and hopefully you have some time to check out some of my writing on LeBron and Kobe (I just wrote an article today about where Kobe fits into the all time greats).


  • Chelsea Becker posted 1814 days ago

    Chelsea Becker

    Hey Rohit, that's actually up to our front page team, but good luck! Thanks for your hard work!

  • Keriann Aronson posted 1819 days ago

    Keriann Aronson

    I thought that was a great article! I like how you differentiate between supporters, true fans and bandwagon fans. It's very true with the Kings, and other sports teams that become successful rather unexpectedly. But the fans that have endured since Day 1 know who they are, and are the ones that truly appreciate the team's accomplishment. Bandwagon fans will always be there for the ride, but the accomplishment is never as meaningful (or as satisfying) for them, no matter what they say. As a Sharks fan from essentially Day 1 (I wore a Sharks jersey to school every day in the third grade) I can totally relate. Nice perspective and insight on this one, Rohit.

  • Keriann Aronson posted 1820 days ago

    Keriann Aronson

    Great interview. Never mind about the mettachronicles note, since it's your own blog, it's fine. The Stanley Cup Finals have been amazing, just wish it were the Sharks...

  • Keriann Aronson posted 1820 days ago

    Keriann Aronson

    I'm actually editing it right now! That's awesome you got to interview him. I'll do what I can to spread the word.

  • Justin Taylor posted 1820 days ago

    Justin Taylor

    Hey Rohit,

    I'm in the same boat...Just getting going and like you said, Warrior fans are ridiculous with our support which is why I started Trapped in Golden State to entertain in between torture sessions. My site is strictly Bay Area angles for the most part but if you have any thoughts on collaboration I'd be very interested to hear.

    Only conflict I see is that I've been very outspoken about being a Laker

    Please email me at or message me at

    Thanks again,

  • Keriann Aronson posted 1821 days ago

    Keriann Aronson

    I really appreciate that, Rohit! I thought that was a great article and hope to see more of yours. And yes I went to Cal, I graduated in 2010. Did you go to Cal?

  • Colin Kennedy posted 1858 days ago

    Colin Kennedy

    John Stockton and them short shorts as your favorite athlete? OK i'll get behind that