Tom B.

Tom B.


I, am the best, in the world, at EVERYTHING I do.

You may not like me but you HAVE to respect me ;-)

#1 Great White BOREmus hater.. One of the worst 'talents' of this or any other generation..

Justin Watry should be in Drake Oz' position on the site.

That is all.

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  • Michael Tarver Gang posted 1779 days ago

    Michael Tarver Gang


  • Yin Seng Chan posted 2001 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    Thanks for being racist and insulting as usual. So that we can all tell you are the same Tom right?

  • Tom B. 2.0 posted 2010 days ago

    Tom B. 2.0

    You are wrong Yin (awful name).

  • Yin Seng Chan posted 2015 days ago

    Yin Seng Chan

    I take it he got banned or something together with Justin Watry given both of them stopped for ages from every appearing again for longer than anyone could possibly imagine for two of the biggest loud mouth in this community.

  • Guy with Account posted 2026 days ago

    Guy with  Account

    'You may not like me but you HAVE to respect me'. Why would anyone HAVE to respect you, pretty sure people can decide that for themselves. I know I don't.

  • blayne stuart posted 2030 days ago

    blayne stuart

    Are you watrys son? are you related to that prick? Hes the reason I stopped coming to B/R for a while.

  • Michael Graham posted 2036 days ago

    Michael Graham

    Spoken like Justin himself, Thomas. "Thanks for commenting".

  • Tom B. posted 2036 days ago

    Tom B.

    There are a lot of whinging, bawling 11 year old babies writing on my bulletin board recently... Very odd trend.

  • Dan Jackson posted 2036 days ago

    Dan Jackson

    You act like you're eleven, Thomas. The whole "I know you are but what am I" shit is very cool, keep it going man.

  • Michael Graham posted 2036 days ago

    Michael Graham

    Go kiss Watry's ass.