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I am currently working for a Facility Maintenance Company as an Executive Account Manager in Southern California. My primary client is the Limited Brands, which owns, Victoria's Secret , (and I did spell that correctly lol ) Bath & Body Works, The Limited Store, Express Fashion, I also oversee Movado Group account as well. I coach youth basktetball and I also assist in running high school clinincs in Southern California. I love basketball with an extreme passion. I played for one of the top high schools in Southern California in 1980-1983. I would have played D-1 ball but I was struck by a car at the age of 18, my left knee has never been the same. since. I presently spend my time teaching the game to youngsters and running clinics. I have been an avid Laker fan since Just to give you and idea of how long I've loved the Lakers, Gale Goodrich was one of my favorite players as a kid, Boy did he have a beautiful left handed jumper. I decided to become a part of the bleacher report so that I could have a voice. Many times I'm watching TNT, ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC, etc. and I get a little disappointed because the fans don't have a voice. I sent Kenny Smith a suggestion via email last year. I told him that I would like to see one of the basketball post and pre-game shows invite a nobody (a regular fan). and allow them to analyze a half and then make post game comments. I believe that they would be shocked to see how much, "Joe" ,"The Sports Jock", really knows. Also, this website gives me an opportunity to say the truth because most of the time the sportscasters are two political and I understand that you cannot just say whaterever

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