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I cover live basketball and custom content for B/R, in addition to writing and editing for other outlets. I was born in New York, raised in Jersey City and used to live in Ireland—where the craic is mighty.

Aside from marrying my beautiful wife Aoife, the highlights of my life include, chronologically: Matt Bahr's fifth FG vs. the 49ers; Norwood's missed FG; Starks dunking over Jordan and Horace Grant; Messier's guarantee; Matteau! Matteau! Matteau!; Richter stopping Bure; Girardi's triple; Van Gundy hanging from Zo's leg; Wells' perfect game; Tino's grand slam; Jeter becoming Mr. November; Tyree's catch; Damon stealing two bases; Jeter's 3,000th hit; Ahmad Bradshaw backing into the end zone; Mo's final game; the Knicks' impending lottery pick.

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  • Gunnar Story posted 1311 days ago

    Gunnar Story

    How can you call yourself a professional and take shots at the people of Wisconsin in your article. Also BJ Raji is far from a fan favorite here in the city of Green Bay. It is between Aaron Rodgers or Jordy Nelson.

  • Patrick Rabitaille posted 1312 days ago

    Patrick Rabitaille

    You are an idiot. If you actually paid attention to the Jacksonville Jaguars you would know that Cecil Shorts III is the fan favorite. Also, why would Shad Kahn be putting more than 60 million dollars of his own money to improve the stadium if he was going to just pick up and go across the pond. Please stop pretending to be an actual sports writer without knowing the facts. Also, please do not forget we are installing the largest video boards and implementing the reconstruction of the shipyards in Jacksonville. As a current resident and Jags fan, we are tired of the national media pretending to know what is going on in Jacksonville. I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT JAX IS ON THE RISE AND

  • William Santiago posted 1342 days ago

    William Santiago

    After engineering UConn's title run behind the superb play of Shabazz Napier and not much else,.........I think many of Uconns players stepped up during that run to the National Championship

  • Kamron Krieger posted 1381 days ago

    Kamron Krieger

    Maybe you should stick to strictly basketball with the ridiculous NFL mock draft you just wrote.

  • Jake Sarachek posted 1417 days ago

    Jake Sarachek

    hey if you could please endorse my petition i would really appreciate it. All it requires is you signing it you can fill out a fake name and email and it will still count as signing it for you. I really like your blog and worked really hard on this petition to really try and capture the mindset of the knicks fanbase as a whole so if you could please just shoot this around to everyone you know i'd really appreciate it.

  • Larry Rodkey posted 1512 days ago

    Larry Rodkey

    Don't want to upset you in anyway, but the article you wrote about B. Griffin getting posterized by Williams of Sacramento is completely false. I watched the game and Blake was trying to swat the lob away who was ahead of Williams. What's really messed up for the article is that the points didn't even count because of a foul call before the lob. But, a great article would have been how DeAndre Jordan got 9 blocks on the night and how he posterized D. Cousins. Or even how D. Cousins sportsmanship is not available for all NBA players. Cousins act on causing J.J Reddick a hard fall on his tailbone and not having any remorse to even ask if he's ok or apologize for anything.

    So, sorry for the long message.

  • Alex Young posted 1749 days ago

    Alex Young

    Thanks for the support on the Saigon Heat piece!

  • Adam Fromal posted 1781 days ago

    Adam Fromal

    Hey Sean, just wanted to pass this link along:

    Thanks so much for your contributions to the piece, and I hope you like how it turned out!

  • Freddie Wong posted 1784 days ago

    Freddie  Wong

    Sean, did you even WATCH the knicks game? a B+ for JR Smith's horrific performance? what's wrong with you?

  • Dan Riaz posted 1827 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    I'm a Brit, and I've never said any of that... that's the really old fashioned posh people.