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John began his writing career as an intern for the in Washington, DC area. After being retained as a freelance journalist, John continued his tour as a journalist for the next three years. John received his Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations in 2004 from Bowie State University and is currently pursuing his MBA / PR Management degree from UMUC (University of Maryland University College.) He now works as a Technical Editor for one of the World's top conglomerates.

Mr. McKinnon is now married and is very active in his community and church. He's very adept at writing poetry and is in the process of publishing his first book. John's professional endeavors have led him to create and maintain "Hail To The Redskins." Hail to The Redskins is a site that's dedicated to the Washington Redskins. John enjoys writing and sharing his ideas with the world.

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  • Brittany Baker posted 3288 days ago

    Brittany Baker

    I liked the "Karate Kid" reference... interesting. Oddly enough, it makes sense. I just finished up school this week - nothing left now but GRADUATION and DIPLOMA and BACHELORS DEGREE. So I've been busy wrapping up school. But I think I have time to write now, all I need is motivation and a compelling story... lol. Oh yea, and a job.... lol

  • Brittany Baker posted 3317 days ago

    Brittany Baker

    Yes, you may make yourself a Brittany fan. I'll read your blog and let you know what I think about it... the Redskins are an interesting team this year, and I haven't been following them very closely. (which is a really bad thing, cuz I know they'll sneak up on me and it's the last thing I want lol)

  • Jack Anderson posted 3410 days ago

    Jack Anderson

    Hey John, love the format on your site. Keep me posted with any thoughts and progress on getting together a Skins network as I would be very interested. Shoot me an email at or just post on my board.

  • Stephen Angliss posted 3418 days ago

    Stephen Angliss

    Hey, Stephen here. I'm glad you liked my editorial. I also enjoy your work very much. I hope that we can continue to have a partnership invovling our articles in the future

  • Greg Pringle posted 3459 days ago

    Greg  Pringle


    I just red for post on the story about Imus. Thanks for spreading the good news. While I never want to silence bigots, I think the full light of day should be shown on them and refuted with great evidence. Keep up the good work.


  • Samuel Bell Jr posted 3486 days ago

    Samuel Bell Jr

    Good writing! Keep up the good work...

  • John Mckinnon posted 3516 days ago

    John  Mckinnon

    Greetings to you as well Glenn,

    I'm really taken aback by this Draft. The first Draft choices for the Skins we're awesome. By many accounts, we may have chosen the top two receivers in the draft along with the best TE. The TE pick is the one I'm baffled with. If we had a great defensive line (by great I mean capable of getting to the opposing QB without sending coaches, players and cheerleaders) it would make more sense. I think we should have taken a DE or at least a DT. Overall, I think it will benefit the Skins. How do you feel you guys did? Also, feel free to post your thoughts on my site (



  • glenn warciski posted 3518 days ago

    glenn warciski



    After the draft is over, as an avid Redskin fan, I would like your thoughts on the Redskins selections.
    I am not looking for a grade. I would like your insight.

    What is Washington's need?

    Did you feel Washington filled areas of need or went after best available player?

    As a Giants fan, I think if Campbell can be consistent, I think the Skins have a shot at the division.

    Please send me your thoughts to nygmennfl@gmail. com. I will post your thoughts on my Giants blog.