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I'm from the Jersey Shore. Not the one you see on TV, the real one. I attended Ocean County College where I received my Associate's degree in Digital Mass Media with a concentration in Journalism. I graduated from Ramapo College of New Jersey, receiving my Bachelor's in Communication with a concentration in Journalism.

I have been a writer for B/R since April 2012. I took part in the Sports Writing Internship Program in the fall, where I wrote about the WWE, NFL, MLB, EPL, and college football. After completing the program, I became a WWE Featured Columnist.

I have recently stepped down from being a Featured Columnist due to other commitments. If circumstances play out in the future, I may be back.

I am a huge sports fan. My favorite team overall is the New York Yankees. I am also an Eagles, Lakers and Thunder fan. I grew up a huge WWE fan. My favorite wrestler was The Rock. Some of my favorites now are Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Damien Sandow. I also watch TNA from time to time. Austin Aries and Bully Ray are my top two favorites.

Follow me on Twitter @Mr_Piv1127 and look for me on Google+

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  • Laurent Koziak posted 1559 days ago

    Laurent Koziak

    Hey Bill in your fantasy ranking the only thing I disagree with is that you ranked peyton manning better than tom brady totally disagree brady should be ranked ahead of manning. But beside that good ranking.

  • Rollins4Life posted 1577 days ago


    Great work on your articles lately, Bill. Keep up the good work!

  • Adrian Fylonenko posted 1637 days ago

    Adrian Fylonenko

    Thanks for the add, added you back!

  • Dan Riaz posted 1668 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Good luck with that!

  • Dan Riaz posted 1668 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Pretty good, how are you?

  • Dan Riaz posted 1669 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Hi! I've just noticed you've been on here a really long time. I'm sorry I never got around to saying hi. So HI!

  • Sports Lover posted 1686 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Check out:

  • SMG posted 1749 days ago


    Thanks for the fan add!

  • CM Mox posted 1772 days ago

    CM Mox

    OK here are my thoughts. ADR retains vs Big Show at RR. Loses the title at EC from Sheamus or Orton (heel). Loses rematch on RAW or SD! after EC. Then whoever of the two hasn't won the title (preferably Sheamus) wins a battle royal or beat the clock or something like that. Then we have Orton vs Sheamus for WHC. At WM you have a choice either you turn Ziggler by beating Orton (starts rumored feud) or keeps him heel by cashing in vs Sheamus. My pick would be Orton vs Ziggler.

  • Josh Matt posted 1843 days ago

    Josh Matt

    fan add?