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  • Brian Stepanek posted 1293 days ago

    Brian Stepanek

    You too, one of my most informed readers. I very much appreciate your readership and you give great responses to my articles!

  • Brian Stepanek posted 1294 days ago

    Brian Stepanek

    No worries, my man. Just giving you a hard time. All mock drafts are fool's errands, especially given that more and more teams are making 1 or 2 trades before they make their first pick.

  • Christopher Juhn posted 1295 days ago

    Christopher  Juhn

    I've never said that taking AJ at 4 would have been smart. Just saying he will make a big splash.

    Also Demariyus Thomas is comparable to Hill. He had TEBOW throwing to him.... and guess how he turned out.

    I knew the DeSean Jackson, and Steve Smith comparisons were coming. I have been watching SS, and yes, he is a legend. But for every one of those guys, there are a lot of failures because they were short!

    The one thing that worries me about Benjamin is that he seems to not like the slot position. NFL.com describes it as his Achilles heel. Something to watch out for.

    I just think Benjamin will be Josh Cribbs v2 for the Browns, someone who has the speed but will not fulfill his potential.

    Anyways, we both have our opinions. Thanks for your time replying back.

    PS (Tell Paulo to seriously back off Weeden. He's still convinced that McCoy is our savior).

  • Rico C posted 1295 days ago

    Rico C

    It was a point being made by Leo - critical of the Browns for taking Richardson, yet he said taking Jeffery at four would have been the smart thing to do - apparently no other NFL team felt the same as you and Leo about Jeffery. Richardson is a true top ten pick, and if the Browns hadn't taking him - someone else would have...the same can't be said of Jeffery...I trust those within the NFL more so than you and Leo. Unless either of you can provide the credentials to prove otherwise - I'll stick with my own path. Thank you.

  • Christopher Juhn posted 1295 days ago

    Christopher  Juhn

    Also, Alshon Jeffery did fall to no. 45.

    But he will be the second best or the best WR picked in this draft. I've seen him play every week at USC.... this dude will be a stud.

  • Christopher Juhn posted 1295 days ago

    Christopher  Juhn

    That's true, but Travis Benjamin seems like another Josh Cribbs to me. The Browns need an extra guy to stretch the field opposite Greg Little, and Cribbs, Massaquoi has failed at that job.

    I think Hill just has a better chance of becoming that 1/2 guy that Browns needed than Benjamin.

    You have to consider the height difference as well. He's undersized, "and has a hard time getting off the line of scrimmage unless given a free release"

    It sounds like a lot of Browns fans want him to move to slot, but he prefers the outside....

    Benjamin needs to put on some weight for sure.

    Final thought is... Do we need another Josh Cribbs?

  • BigDaaDee posted 1298 days ago


    You're my boy Rico, your writing seems to be on point to me all the time. Yes, we both have a bit of homerism in us.. But so what, no one can doubt where our alliance lays. Keep up the good work you make reading the BR worthwhile.. While some are doing their best to turn it into the negative Plains Dealer..

    Go Browns!

  • David Bee posted 1298 days ago

    David Bee

    RIco: I appreciate the compliment...and the dialouge. David

  • David Bee posted 1299 days ago

    David Bee

    Thanks Rico. I did not know you were a fan of my writing. I certainly am of yours.

  • Christopher Juhn posted 1302 days ago

    Christopher  Juhn

    Yep, that's right. My other favorite team, the Detroit Lions did the same thing 3 years back, and look what they have become (playoffs!) in the tough NFC North.

    I disagreed with a lot of their picks, and to a lot of people's surprises, they've done well. I believe H&H are very smart people, and they will get the job done (ex. 2011 NFL Draft).

    They need to build around Weeden and Richardson, Weeden might be 29... but he stil can give us 7-8 years of quality football. He's smart, has the physical tools, I really do like him (better than Tannehill anyways).

    I'm thinking 5-7 wins this year for the Browns. But I believe a lot of games they will lose will be close games.