Matt Kunzler

Matt Kunzler


Lebron=no rings. ever.

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  • Andrew Cahill posted 3170 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    I think that being Brady's understudy, and playing for the Patriots, will ultimately help with that aspect of his play.

  • Andrew Cahill posted 3171 days ago

    Andrew Cahill

    I think that Kevin O'Connell will eventually be Tom Brady's replacement. Some people disagree with me. What do you think?

  • Bryn Swartz posted 3208 days ago

    Bryn Swartz

    After what was easily the most exciting NFL season I have ever seen, almost every single NFL team has learned something new about its quarterback, whether it be finally finding their franchise quarterback, losing their starter to injury, or watching the starter lose his job. Here is the ultimate rankings--the 32 best active quarterbacks in the National Football League.

  • jake meadows posted 3213 days ago

    jake meadows

    Who is that in your Bio Pic? Just curious it looks like Mike Vick in a lions UNI.

  • Princess Cooper posted 3220 days ago

    Princess Cooper

    Thanks for leaving a comment. And, I agree about the Lions....they definitely need a more seasoned QB. I am assuming that most of the football world believe Culpepper is not the answer....

  • G D posted 3223 days ago

    G D


    Tired of turning on the tv and hearing about Pacman Jones and Terrell Owens? How about those who go unnoticed? Let me know what you think