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  • Tobi Writes posted 1099 days ago

    Tobi Writes

    hey scott, I am of course writing the Big 12 angles and in doing so I had to consider the fall of the SWC. I have long maintained that NFL killzones made teh SWC a deadman walking and I just came accross two articles from the time that really speak to that and are great insightful --- and quoteable -- reads that I thought I'd pass on.

    page 58 onward. "the decline of the SWC"

    page 5 onward - "empty seats"

    also this one

    The three do a heck of a job in explaining what happened to the SWC, why UT does what they do and how they think, and why getting back in bed with TCU may not happen.

    Hope things are good for you.

  • John Doublin posted 1564 days ago

    John Doublin

    Check this out!

  • Larry Kalmus posted 1574 days ago

    Larry Kalmus

    Thanks for the like Scott!

  • Michael Rothe posted 1576 days ago

    Michael Rothe

    Hey Scott, just wanted to compliment you on a GREAT story on Big 12, Pac 10 TV alliance possibilities. Really learned a lot - you did your research!

  • JW Nix posted 1577 days ago

    JW Nix

    The Biggest Oversight in Pro Football History :

  • Robert Gardner posted 1580 days ago

    Robert Gardner

    Here is my Bryan "The Beast" Baker interview.

  • Tobi Writes posted 1589 days ago

    Tobi Writes

    a must read.

  • Larry Kalmus posted 1590 days ago

    Larry Kalmus

    I linked your old Pac10 division article in my new Big 12 article take a look when you get a chance

  • Warren Lent posted 1606 days ago

    Warren Lent

    I really like it Scott! Its a great article with insightful details galore!

  • Tobi Writes posted 1617 days ago

    Tobi Writes

    I went ahead and wrote that into an article, I wonder if you might add your very brilliant commentary from below to it's comment section to help get some more readers over to discover the brilliance of your work.