Matt Neifer

Matt Neifer


I am a Cleveland native who has unfortunately found his way to Pittsburgh. I'm an OSU graduate who lives and dies by OSU football and basketball. I have much love for the Indians, Browns, and Cavs. My dream job would be to GM for the Indians. Without a NHL team to support, I have adopted the Pens. I adore fantasy football, but seem to have much greater sucess in fantasy baseball.

I love to discuss anything sports and fantasy football/baseball related. Hoping to get my foot into the door of football coaching in the high school ranks. I like balanced offenses that include downhill running plays, play action, and deep threats. My skills reside on the defensive side of the ball, and I'm a heavy proponent of the aggressive zone blitz tactics of Dick Lebeau.

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  • Nino Colla posted 2640 days ago

    Nino Colla

    Thanks Matt, appreciate it, looking forward to seeing you around in whatever capacity.

    Well the Penguins thing happened because there really is no hockey team around, or was at the time, and my Dad always got Pens tickets from his bosses. We were diehards before the strike. I imagine many of the Pens fans near NE Ohio have the same reason if they even like hockey.

    The Steelers happened because of him too. He lived in Pittsburgh for awhile, his uncle started him on it and I just took it from him. Thank god we avoided that with the Pirates though. I love baseball and we've had tickets to 20 home games a year for awhile now. Kinda hard to grow up in the 90's and not be overtaken by the Indians though, you know?

    You were at the OSU/Michigan game in 06? Man that had to be awesome. Regardless of outcome that would have been a great game to say you went to.

  • Nino Colla posted 2641 days ago

    Nino Colla

    Hey Matt, welcome to B/R and thanks for the add. I'm the Indians CL so if there's every any questions you have, let me know.