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Jon Haber was born March 3, 1988 in Tarzana, CA. He is currently a journalism student at USC's Annenberg School of Communication. Haber writes for the sports department at the Daily Trojan, where he currently covers women's golf. He also spends time covering prep and college sports twice a week at the Santa Monica Daily Press. Haber's future goal is to become a Major League Baseball reporter and analyst.

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  • james motes posted 3525 days ago

    james motes

    thanks for the edit

  • Erick Blasco posted 3525 days ago

    Erick Blasco

    Thanks for getting your hands dirty with my article. I appreciate the edits.

  • Dan Siegel posted 3529 days ago

    Dan Siegel

    You the man, thanks!

  • John Lombard posted 3529 days ago

    John Lombard

    thanks for the feedback jon, that does make more sense to use dollar signs haha...

  • Grace Leavitt posted 3529 days ago

    Grace Leavitt


    You've been MIA of late. Please get in touch!


  • Andrew Kneeland posted 3529 days ago

    Andrew Kneeland

    Thanks for the awesome feedback and the edits! I appreciate it!

  • TJ Zwarych posted 3530 days ago

    TJ Zwarych

    Hey, thanks for the in depth feedback, it will really help me make my article better, i really appreciate it.

  • Nino Colla posted 3530 days ago

    Nino Colla

    Thanks for the feedback Jonathan. If I get some time and some cooperation with my computer I'll try and look it up. I planned on it but this laptop wasn't having it.