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Matthew Roth is an award-winning Twitter personality and pretty good MMA writer who has watched the sport since UFC 1. He also enjoys watching professional wrestling and doesn't take himself too seriously. Quickest way to his heart? Craft beer and Bruce Springsteen songs. Also dogs.

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  • Richard Trieu posted 1794 days ago

    Richard  Trieu

    Lombard article was complete trash. Hector has a very high percentage chance to defeat more than half those guys (Belcher, Okami, Stann, Bisping, Munoz, Sonnen, Weidman, Boetsch). If you were actually educated on the topic you decided to poorly inform others with than you'd know that Lombard had a FRACTURED STERNUM when he fought TIM BOETSCH. He'd eat Boetsch for breakfast period. Hmmmm let's think about this for a second, Lombard is a olympic caliber judo practitioner, you honestly think Sonnen or Munoz or even Weidman could take him down, and if so they wouldn't be able to keep him down for very long. Try to find me HIGH LEVEL judo practitioners fighting in the UFC that have been dominated by wrestlers, find me just ONE! Only guys I see finishing Hector are obviously Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort (Belfort because of fast, crisp stand up and BJJ black belt, not to mention he somewhat resembles Hector's beastly power and aggressiveness). That is all. Good day to you SIR, p.s don't upload anymore travesties such as this.

  • Michael Davidson posted 1795 days ago

    Michael Davidson

    No way man, that Lombard article is so bad... worst I have ever read. The comments say it all.

  • Josh Matt posted 1832 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • ryan olson posted 2052 days ago

    ryan olson


  • Amber Lee posted 2053 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Well hello there, fellow John Daley fan! I never expect him to win a tournament...but I like the fact that every time he plays, there's at least a small chance that someone will end up passed out on the course with a bucket of Hooters chickens wings and his pants around his ankles.

    Anyway! I see you're an internationally renowned Twitter personality...I suck at feel free to locate me on the interwebs and teach me the tricks of the trade. Oh, and thanks for fanning me—which is why I was here in the first place :) Naturally, I've fanned you back <3

  • Jonathan Snowden posted 2056 days ago

    Jonathan Snowden


  • Matt Saccaro posted 2056 days ago

    Matt Saccaro

    Welcome to Bleacher Report, man!