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  • Sports Lover posted 625 days ago

    Sports  Lover


  • Kelly McAvoy posted 828 days ago

    Kelly McAvoy

    Loved your posts! I just gave my word to be careful not to get my account closed again like I did about 3 years ago. lol I see you have Teague's strip of Lamar Thomas as your favorite. Awesome!!! RTR!

  • OLD SCHOOL BAMA FAN posted 960 days ago


    thanks Ro I just discovered this but I click like on your stuff all the time too

  • Billy Rogers posted 989 days ago

    Billy Rogers

    Hey man, thanks! I get a kick out of bloggimg with you guys. Especially those who have an intimate knowledge of both football and The Crimson Tide. You an Earnhardt man too? Gotta be a good guy!!!

  • chilibean posted 994 days ago


    Thanks man.. :)

    I like the "cheddar pepper" thing..:)

    Is my imposter still roamin' around?? hadn't seen him lately.. :)

    I kinda like having an imposter.. :)