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  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 923 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Long time no discussion, George! Seriously, you must be busy so hope all is going well for you. Thanks for the articles props. Good times for Federer and Murray keep coming, but for Rafa it could be a career ender.

    Keep in touch.

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 995 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Awesome as always to get props from you. Hope you will also enjoy the next two pieces of the retro diary. Talk to you soon.

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 1005 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Hey George, thanks for the props. Just wanted to let you know I've purposely been limiting my articles now because of the horrendously formulaic and shallow articles that BR tennis has produced. It kills a lot of my exposure, but more importantly is embarrassing to put my articles next to their trash. A lot of those mercenary writers do not watch or know anything about tennis. They just spin an inflammatory headline and put out a stupid opinion in about seven paragraphs.

    So, I will limit myself to two articles a week on tennis until the mercenary writers leave..presumably sometime after Wimbledon.

    In the meantime, I will put some Yankees articles out, though they won't get as many reads. Most of this will be for fun, and to see how it goes...

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 1019 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Glad you liked the Federer slideshow projecting his confidence to win a second French Open title. The Rome final four will be a war. Ferrer and Rafa is feistiness at its finest and Federer vs. Djokovic will be special. You don't want to miss that one!

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 1045 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Hope you had fun watching the Monte Carlo match! Things just got more interesting in tennis. Thanks for giving me the 'like.'!

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 1051 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    If Nadal is a barracuda, and Djokovic a swordfish, what would Federer be? (Thanks for the like, but I'll let you ponder the heavy question here...)

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 1063 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    I want to thank you for joining my fan page. Most of all, I enjoy your comments to my articles, and recognize that you are a major part of the process for me of what makes writing so enjoyable.

  • Jeremy Eckstein posted 1069 days ago

    Jeremy Eckstein

    Thanks so much for selecting the Nadal slideshow as a 'like.' I appreciate the support. (I like your taste in sports as well: Ducks, Yankees, tennis are some of my very favorites as well.)