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Kevin is a sportswriter based in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he covers local high school and college athletics for the News & Observer. He has covered the New York Giants at Bleacher report -- as a Featured Columnist and Game-Day Correspondent -- since the 2012 NFL season. He is also an ACC Football Digital Content Programmer for FOX Sports.
Twitter: @KevinBoilard

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  • Dave Burton posted 107 days ago

    Dave Burton

    Last friday, my friend Steve Brown was diagnosed with Leukemia and just started his treatment this week. Steve is a senior at James Caldwell High School and was set to play football for Lehigh University in the fall. Today, cancer survivor and Giants Linebacker, Mark Herzlich called Steve, to give him some words to help him get through this tough time. Being a cancer survivor himself, Herzlich's words impacted Steve in a tremendous way.

    Steve, who has been a longtime Giants fan tweeted this today after his call from Herzlich

    RT @steve_brown31: Sucha sick surprise to get a call from Mark Herzlich on my cell.. Someone who continues to thrive after beating cancer #cancerissoft

    Herzlich's and Steve's story deserves to be shared and it would also benefit my friend, Steve, if people heard about his story. I can be reached at my email if you have any questions regarding this story.

  • Glenn Grant posted 392 days ago

    Glenn Grant

    Are you f*cked? Dissing another b/r writer??? Good luck with your future career as a journalist moron...

  • Patricia Traina posted 395 days ago

    Patricia Traina

    Kevin, thanks for the warm welcome. I too admire your work and look forward to seeing more of it.

  • Tamer Chamma posted 428 days ago

    Tamer Chamma

    Thanks for the note Kevin!

  • Big Daddy posted 492 days ago

    Big  Daddy

    Hey Kevin, I'm moving to Texas sometime in September. How do I become a Cowboy or Texans fan? Been in New York off and on all my life. I will just have to keep watching games on my PC. I am not paying to watch them on cable with the horrible coverage the networks give unless the cable NFL network has better coverage. I just cannot see myself watching the Cowboys and seeing Jerry Jone's face all game long. I guess the Texans it is. Finally moving out of NYC. Too many years with Big Blue I guess, I like the games on the PC better, no commercials and terrible talking heads.

  • Tamer Chamma posted 497 days ago

    Tamer Chamma

    Thanks for the props Kevin!

  • Big Daddy posted 531 days ago

    Big  Daddy

    Kevin you are the best writer here for the Giants. No offense to the other writers. I just think you put more time and effort into your articles. You also use more common sense logic overall. Keep up the good work and I am hoping to see more output from you.

  • Doug Rush posted 535 days ago

    Doug Rush

    Thanks Kevin, really appreciate it.

  • JM posted 747 days ago


    hey Kevin... by any chance, are you a member of the Giants Exile on FB? Bec they just posted this exact thing just a few mins ago from this writing & they didn't even mentioned your name. I would understand if it's one of the fans but, the Exile itself posted it like it's their own. & I do mean word for word bro. & no, I don't wanna sound like a snitch & you know, anything about the my Gmen, I'm for it but, I do hate it when other people take credit when it's not even theirs to take. Go check it out.

    Lastly, keep up the good work bro! & Lets Go Giants! \o/

  • Michael Carroll posted 843 days ago

    Michael Carroll

    Hey Kevin, it's Mike Carroll. It looks like we're both doing the internship this summer. Good Luck abnd maybe see you around soon.

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