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Hey B/R community!

Patrick Bousky here, I'm pretty new to writing for B/R, but not to reading it. Staying up to date on what's going on in the NFL is something I take the time to do religiously and I rarely miss any breaking news. I'm excited to share my knowledge and more importantly, hear your guys' opinions in regards to my beloved Bears.

I am always open to opinions or critiques, so please feel free to help me become better. I can be reached at


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  • Hey man, where have you been? Wish to see some more articles from you!

  • Jacob Prather posted 762 days ago

    Jacob Prather

    Hey, haven't seen you write anything lately. As wondering if you were going to soon? Let me know when you do!

  • chad ruzich posted 778 days ago

    chad ruzich

    Where ya been man? Havent seen anything from ya in awhile :)

  • Tyler Hixson posted 794 days ago

    Tyler Hixson

    Hey Patrick, I just looked at your latest article, and left my feedback there. Another great job, man.

    Could you take a look at my latest article, and let me know what you think?

    Thanks, man. Cheers!


  • Michael Koh posted 801 days ago

    Michael Koh

    Thank you for your wonderful words.

    As a Bears fan, I can only be biased towards them.

  • Tyler Hixson posted 801 days ago

    Tyler Hixson

    Hey Patrick,
    Although I disagree that Jay Cutler will ever be an elite QB, you complied a pretty good and well-thought out list of the top Bears players for the upcoming season. Keep it up man.


  • Rayllis posted 801 days ago


    How do you submit an article you would like to get published I have written a piece on the bears that I would like to submit

  • chad ruzich posted 803 days ago

    chad ruzich

    Hey thanks man!
    I think I might give it a try. Few questions, so do you get to write what you want, or is it all assigned? And how difficult is is it to get accepted?

    Mind if I have you proof read what I come up with as a sample?

    Thanks bud


  • Dan O posted 803 days ago

    Dan O

    Patrick. I always enjoy your articles and comments on other articles too. Well written and thought out.

  • Richard Pizzo posted 803 days ago

    Richard Pizzo

    Thank you for the "thanks!" Keep writing!