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Timothy Nicely

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My name is Tim. Sports have been my love from the time my brain could function. I love all sports, but football, like many other Americans, is by far my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I love baseball, but to say it is still our national pastime is beyond naive. I live in a very small city in Southwest Virginia, although I was born just outside of Washington D.C. I am a lifelong Redskins fan, but that's pretty much the only local team I cheer for. I'm a proud member of Red Sox Nation, and have been even since they were still cursed. I'm an unpopular NBA fan, because I am a pure and simple Lebron James fan. My loyalty to King James will follow him to whichever city he decides to bring his talents to, and I will watch any hour long special he decides he needs to make that decision. I'm a penguins fan, but have to admit i'm not a huge follower of hockey. My favorite sports are sports you can follow from college to the pro's, and I have almost no knowledge of college hockey. I just assume some team from Boston is going to win their championship. I am also a huge wrestling fan, and have been since even before I was born. My mother supposedly snuck backstage to try to meet Bret Hart before I was born. She was unsuccessful, but it makes for a good story when I try to describe how far back my wrestling roots go. Even my grandma is a wrestling fan and I can proudly say, since I have no brothers or sister, I passed on my love of wrestling to my younger cousin Trever. Unfortunately I went wrong somewhere because he is a supporter of Cenation, which is terms for being disowned as far as I'm concerned. I have a lovely girlfriend, soon to be wife, and an amazing son named Lane who was born January 3, 2011. I have a facebook, and a twitter, although I don't use twitter as much as I would like.

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