Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown


Born in 1982, Andrew Brown's words has been making ladies' lips tingle for 30 years. If Andrew was a drink, he'd go down like Southern sweet tea and sit in your stomach like Grandpa's whiskey. As a playground fighter, Andrew held a 2-1 record; as a bar fighter, he boasts a 0-2-1 career record - both of his losses can be accredited to tequila.

Andrew enjoys cigars, listening to the Blues, exaggerating and offshore fishing. Although he is rarely "politically correct," his two ambitions in life are to eventually become a full-time writer and to be an elected official in local politics.

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  • Will Osgood posted 2120 days ago

    Will Osgood

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for becoming a fan of mine and reaching out to me. I hope you're not losing sleep over your confusion as to why I'm a Saints fan. To be honest it's all because of Drew Brees. I started watching him and enjoying him in college at Purdue and to some extent vowed to like whatever team he played on since. So I was a huge Chargers fan and then kind of transferred those rooting interests over when he was signed in New Orleans.
    That said, since he went to the Saints after Hurricane Katrina, I have grown increasingly interested in the city of New Orleans culturally, emotionally, and in a sense spiritually. Because I love the city I am planning to move to New Orleans this summer or sometime shortly after because I want to see the city restored and want to play a small part in that.
    Will Osgood