If you are interested in hiring me as a booker, writer, or on-screen personality at your wrestling show, contact me at cravewrestling@gmail.com.

I host a weekly pro wrestling talk show called Pancakes and Powerslams, which recaps and highlights/analysis WWE, ROH, and TNA, as well as discusses a random wrestling topic in the segment named "Flavor of the Week." The show is every Tuesday evening at 11pm est.

The show is exposed to tens of thousands of people every week, which allows for a fantastic advertising and sponsorship opportunity. Email cravewrestling@gmail.com to capitalize on being advertised on the show, guaranteed to widen your audience.

My hope as a writer for the Bleacher Report is to share my undying passion and knowledge of professional wrestling to the thousands of supporters, and with this support, continue to grow and excel Crave Wrestling, with the goal to have an incredibly large network of wrestling fans viewing latest news, and participating in interactive trivia and chat.

Equally, I hope to climb and ascend up the ladder in writing for the Bleacher Report, gaining more exposure to even a wider audience in many different sport genres. I humbly have a lot to offer Bleacher Report, and I will forever be thankful for this opportunity to excel in writing for this amazing company.

Thank you for taking the time to read this bio, and contribute to this cause by spreading the word about Crave Wrestling, as well as tweeting and sharing my Bleacher Report articles.

God bless. Proverbs 3:5-6.

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  • Monique Black posted 300 days ago

    Monique Black

    Added because you used the word 'temerity' in sentence. I mark for you!

  • Black Widow posted 363 days ago

    Black  Widow

    This is the response to your article" 5 wrestlers who proves that CM Punk is not the best in the world"

    A daring and well thought article, I must say Chris! You could ignite fire here in B/R by writing this article.
    But judging from your selection of wrestlers, I must say that you did your research well. A good read, indeed!

  • Dan Money posted 375 days ago

    Dan  Money

    Oh, no problem you're a great writer, anyway your stable and diva are also my favorite too and I remember that triple threat match and the retirement match on raw between henning and flair, both are great matches but, mine is the first match i ever saw, Undertaker Vs Vader Vs Bret Hart Vs Austin at IYH The final Four.

  • Dan Money posted 383 days ago

    Dan  Money

    Hey man I love your articles and I got some questions for you......
    Who is your favorite stable, diva, and matches because I know it's hard to pick one favorite match

  • eddy curry posted 386 days ago

    eddy curry

    hi mane i luv ur articlez and i wan ask u somthi ng aight do u tink dat brett heart is gon come back n wresle 4 da wwe

  • Nour Sedki posted 389 days ago

    Nour Sedki

    Hi mate. Just need you to do me a favor here. When WWE described Jeff Hardy as "one of the most popular WWE Champions in history" in their bio of him on his Alumni page, did they mean he was one of the most popular guys when he WWE Champion, or just one of the most popular guys overall? And what does 'WWE Champions' mean here; a WWE Champion (like John Cena is now) or any Champion in WWE (i.e IC or US or tag-team). Thanks in advance, Chris!

  • The GOAT V posted 454 days ago

    The GOAT V

    What do you think about The Rock vs Undertaker at WMXXX?

  • HBK Forever posted 466 days ago

    HBK Forever

    Thanks very much for the prayers, appreciated

  • alex Joseph posted 474 days ago

    alex Joseph

    Can you help me to promote my page? I am also needing some admin. I would appreciate if you check it out and perhaps tell your fellow writers about it. Thanks in advance.

  • The Analyst posted 769 days ago

    The Analyst

    Should make an aritcle of Past vs. Present: Edge vs. Curt Hawkins
    Wade Barrett vs. William Regal
    Goldberg vs. Ryback
    Brodus Clay vs. Rikishi
    Samoa Joe vs. Taz
    Randy Orton vs. Jake The Snake Roberts
    Joey Ryan vs. Ravishing Rick Rude
    Sheamus vs. The Ultimate Warrior
    Davey Richards vs. Chris Benoit
    Richie Steamboat vs. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat
    Alberto Del Rio vs. Eddie Guerrero
    Dolph Ziggler vs. Ric Flair vs. Mr. Perfect
    Abyss vs. Mick Foley vs. The Undertaker
    Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. Ted DiBiase
    James Storm vs. Dusty Rhodes vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Big Show vs. Andre The Giant
    Jack Swagger vs. Kurt Angle
    AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho
    Bobby Roode vs. Triple H
    Jeff Hardy vs. Sting
    Tyson Kidd vs. Bret Hart
    Heath Slater vs. Jeff Jarrett
    John Morrison vs. Shawn Michaels
    Drew McIntyre vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper
    The Miz vs. The Rock
    John Cena vs. Hulk Hogan
    Dean Ambrose vs. Brian Pillman
    Zack Ryder vs. Macho Man Randy Savage

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