If you are interested in hiring me as a booker, writer, or on-screen personality at your wrestling show, contact me at cravewrestling@gmail.com.

I host a weekly pro wrestling talk show called Pancakes and Powerslams, which recaps and highlights/analysis WWE, ROH, and TNA, as well as discusses a random wrestling topic in the segment named "Flavor of the Week." The show is every Tuesday evening at 11pm est.

The show is exposed to tens of thousands of people every week, which allows for a fantastic advertising and sponsorship opportunity. Email cravewrestling@gmail.com to capitalize on being advertised on the show, guaranteed to widen your audience.

My hope as a writer for the Bleacher Report is to share my undying passion and knowledge of professional wrestling to the thousands of supporters, and with this support, continue to grow and excel Crave Wrestling, with the goal to have an incredibly large network of wrestling fans viewing latest news, and participating in interactive trivia and chat.

Equally, I hope to climb and ascend up the ladder in writing for the Bleacher Report, gaining more exposure to even a wider audience in many different sport genres. I humbly have a lot to offer Bleacher Report, and I will forever be thankful for this opportunity to excel in writing for this amazing company.

Thank you for taking the time to read this bio, and contribute to this cause by spreading the word about Crave Wrestling, as well as tweeting and sharing my Bleacher Report articles.

God bless. Proverbs 3:5-6.

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  • Robertha Anderson Duncan posted 624 days ago

    Robertha Anderson Duncan

    Hey Chris I am so super proud of you and all you put your hands too, keep up the outstanding work. Robertha

  • President Rogan 2016 posted 889 days ago

    President Rogan 2016

    After having an intelligent fantasy booking conversation with you on your article about WWE stars making an impact at GFW article I decided to become a fan and I was going to check out your podcast; do you host it on youtube?

  • Chris Featherstone posted 1231 days ago

    Chris Featherstone

    Adam - based on your comment, it appears as if you're an avid CM Punk apologist. So, I don't see a conversation going anywhere. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my wall, though.

  • Adam Legend posted 1231 days ago

    Adam Legend

    Your article on Punk is a bit incorrect. In the months leading up to his departure, he was working with a bad back. Kevin Nash traveled with him and said he was always wearing a heated pack on his back unless he was wrestling or on camera and that he was putting off getting an MRI. The rumble was probably the last straw for his back as he was #1, lasted until the final four, and then got choke slammed through the spanish announce table. He left because his back was killing him and he wasn't going to be in the main event of Mania (again) so it seems he wasn't going to risk his back fro anything less than that (and the WWE has started putting part timers in that spot.) Plus as he said earlier in January it was Bryan's year, not his. He didn't quit, he retired from all of wrestling. He's not taking bookings in ROH or NJPW, he's just done. He's been wrestling since he was 15, at 35, he's a 20 year vet so while he may seem young, he was getting long in the tooth for that profession. So yeah, your article insinuating he just up and quit because he wasn't THE guy is well, wrong. Absolutely wrong.

  • Chris Featherstone posted 1231 days ago

    Chris Featherstone

    Hey Olli. I never called CM Punk fans "stupid." However, I do despise the logic of Punk marks. Not only do they obsessively clamor over him, but they want to persecute those who have opposing opinions. Very sad, and worth publicly addressing.

  • Chris Featherstone posted 1231 days ago

    Chris Featherstone

    Thanks, Randy! Greatly appreciated.

  • Randy Norton posted 1232 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Awesome Article . Props to you ! One of the best articles I've read on B/R.

  • Rollins4Life posted 1232 days ago


    Hello Chris! In your latest Punk article, that I did not exactly dislike(it was interesting), I agreed and disagreed a bit. I think that it is incredibly disrespectful to chant for Punk when Cesaro and Ziggler are only going 99% in the ring instead of 100%. Or how the Chicago fans did it in February during Wyatts vs Shield part 2. Now THAT was stupid.

    What I disagreed with was how you approached these fans by calling them "stupid". I just think it was kinda a harsh way to approach them, since many of the readers here on BR are very intelligent in terms of wrestling.

    But I saw your point, and I liked it. Punk chants should not happen during big matches, not during mid card matches etc. They should not happen during anything that is entertaining.

  • Mrs Black posted 1532 days ago

    Mrs Black

    Added because you used the word 'temerity' in sentence. I mark for you!

  • Black Widow posted 1596 days ago

    Black  Widow

    This is the response to your article" 5 wrestlers who proves that CM Punk is not the best in the world"

    A daring and well thought article, I must say Chris! You could ignite fire here in B/R by writing this article.
    But judging from your selection of wrestlers, I must say that you did your research well. A good read, indeed!