Chuck Porter Jr

Chuck Porter Jr


I am:

- A faithful optimist. Things have certainly not gone according to MY plans but the end result is better than I could have ever hoped. I have three wonderful sons and a beautiful wife. My family makes me want to be a better person.

- An investment advisor so that means that I have an uncanny ability to coach people away from the edge of irrationalization.

- A die-hard Phillies Phan. Last year was a dream come true for me. A few of the games that I attended last year include: opening day (3/31), the NLE division clincing win (9/27/2008) and the decisive game 5 of the World Series (10/27 - 10/29).

- A sports junkie. I love sports and I think that coaches are special people. A good coach can touch countless lives and the values that you learn from playing a team sport last a lifetime.

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  • Matthew Falkenbury posted 2876 days ago

    Matthew Falkenbury


    The biggest week of games to date this season begins for the Mets with Six games against the Phillies and the Yankees, its a real test for a team that has dealt with quite a bit during this early part of the season. With this I'm presenting another version of my Top Five with the subject centering around how the Mets can be successful this week against the Phils and Yanks. I hope you enjoy and thanks in advance.

  • Stephen Meyer posted 2902 days ago

    Stephen  Meyer

    Hey Chuck,

    Ryan Zimmerman’s hit streak halted at 30 games last night. As one streak ends, another is admired. Read about how Joe DiMaggio forever redefined ’56,’ and how his feat may never be broken. It is a record that thankfully cannot be broken through steroid use, and represents all that was once right in a game that has since gone so wrong.

    Thanks in advance!

    -Stephen (Heartbeat of the Bronx)

  • Bryn Swartz posted 2946 days ago

    Bryn Swartz

    Hey...a new Philadelphia guy!!

  • John Lorge posted 2987 days ago

    John  Lorge

    Chuck heres my latest draft piece:

  • Mike Kent posted 3000 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    The Mets and Phillies are both great team, but will the NL east race be close again?

  • Mike Kent posted 3005 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    My first sideshow!!
    And as a rival of Mets i think you will like it
    I would like to know what you think

  • John Lorge posted 3005 days ago

    John  Lorge

    Hey no problem it was a good article, but yeah for the most part people are good with the thank yous around here, just to keep the positive juices flowin. Feel free to shoot me links on any more of your draft stuff.

    Heres how I think the GMs SHOULD pick out the first round

  • T.A posted 3005 days ago


    is Rodney Harrison a Hall of Famer

  • G D posted 3006 days ago

    G D


    Right now we all need to take time out of our day, and pray for Jim Johnson. The Philadelphia Eagle's defensive coordinator who was diagnosed with skin cancer. Let me know what you think. Thanks