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I was born at st Bart's hospital in London and attended Thornhill primary school in Islington, home to the mighty Arsenal football club. I am football and Arsenal obsessed and when I am not talking about Arsenal I can usually be found commenting on blogs and websites.
My favorite Arsenal moment was when I was 8 and Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-0 with Michael Thomas scoring in injury time to secure us the league championship. My dad took me down to upper street after and put me on his shoulders as the Arsenal bus went by, parading the cup in front of thousands of ecstatic fans. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.
My least favourite Arsenal moment was when Arsenal lost to Barcelona in the champions league final in 2006.
When Sol Cambell took the lead with a sublime header from an Henry free kick, Arsenal fans were filled with an overwhelming sense of hope and genuinely felt like we were the better team on the day. I remember thinking to myself "We could actually do this!". After another ten minutes though, the advantage that Barca had on us after Jens Lehman had been sent off in the 18th minute started to show. As our defense started to lose shape, Almunia was being severely put to the test with stinging shots from Eto'o and Ronaldinho being pushed wide.
Arsenal still had a few decent chances with Henry and Lumberg forcing the best saves but ultimately Barca were getting ever closer to equalizing. In the 76th minute, ex Celtic star Larsson played through Eto'o who neatly slotted passed Almunia with an equalizer that seamed to wind the whole Arsenal team.
I remember the heavy feeling in my chest as I watched the replay and knew that it was the end of our hope and it was only a matter of time until they took the lead and the CL trophy that had eluded us for so many years.
In the 80th minute Baletti thumped home the winner. It was a heart breaking moment for me and many Arsenal fans. It never gets talked about around these parts (at least not in front of me).
I am currently Doing a level 3 diploma in IT after gaining a distinction in my level 2. I love computers and plan on making a fresh start in the IT industry when I have completed my course.
I would love to be a part time sports writer, specializing in football and the English premier league. I have a good knowledge of football (Soccer to all the yanks) and would like the opportunity to get a platform on which to showcase my ramblings which are always going to come out regardless.

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