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  • Michelle posted 92 days ago


    i dont hate you

  • G D posted 2036 days ago

    G D


    Right now we all need to take time out of our day, and pray for Jim Johnson. The Philadelphia Eagle's defensive coordinator who was diagnosed with skin cancer. Let me know what you think. Thanks

  • Ben Brown posted 2040 days ago

    Ben Brown

    Yea, Don Wakamatsu. It's all down to team chemistry now. If they form a tight pack they can be dominant.

  • Ben Brown posted 2042 days ago

    Ben Brown

    I think Don Wakamatsu is pretty good at knowing when to take the pitchers out being as he used to be a catcher.

  • Ben Brown posted 2042 days ago

    Ben Brown

    haha, I love the roster coming into this season. Their is no weakness's at all!

  • Jen Preston posted 2045 days ago

    Jen Preston

    Hey John welcome to the B/R! Well, Randy's situation can go one of two ways- the better solution would be that without Vince around Orton will just continue to dominate RAW, win the Rumble, win the title at WrestleMania and I- err, I mean he- will live happily ever after. Or, Stephanie will for weeks punish Orton and make his life a living hell.

    The rumor I'm hearing now is that someone put Orton up to it... Shane, perhaps? Honestly, I have no idea what could happen lol but it should be very interesting.

  • Mina posted 2045 days ago


    Welcome, John!