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Thayne Hallyburton is a passionate Toronto Maple Leaf, Toronto Raptor, San francisco 49er and Toronto Blue Jays fan. Thayne also loves watching lacrosse, motocross, snocross and NASCAR racing.

In his spare time he can be seen stock car racing at Barrie Speedway in the summer and in the winter he travels throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Northern states at snocross races.

Thayne's friends refer to him as the human sports encyclopedia because he keeps completely pointless stats in his head and makes sure everyone knows them. He can resite almost every 20 man roster in the National Hockey League and his all-round hockey knowledge is sickening.

You can contact Thayne Hallyburton at

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  • micheal malcolm posted 2104 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    Hey Thayne

    The Raptors have made another move however, I don’t agree with this one!
    Here’s my take on the player they should have acquired Jodie Meeks.
    Comments and critiques are always welcomed


  • micheal malcolm posted 2122 days ago

    micheal malcolm

    Hey Thayne

    I know you likely have heard about the trade already but here is my take on it

    Comments as always are more than appreciated


  • Melissa Hanschell posted 2334 days ago

    Melissa Hanschell

    Geeze son

    i thought you had died and come back to earth just for one final note about them boys on my board

    at least this time you didnt end up writing on your own board haha
    so i could tell you were sober :P

    Now come shovel my roof, even though i never knew roofs were shoveled lol
    Thanks for the memo though.

  • Melissa Hanschell posted 2335 days ago

    Melissa Hanschell

    man thayne, i thought you died lol

    its good to know you came out of that barrie tornado :p

    Did you have a good break?

  • Melissa Hanschell posted 2343 days ago

    Melissa Hanschell

    la la la la

    crosby smoshby lol

    yeah i still dont like him :P

    i like you bettter hahah

  • Mitch. Mitchell. posted 2343 days ago

    Mitch. Mitchell.

    Mitch here Thayne-No you you have it wrong I never write or comment to say I dislike a player and that goes for Crosby to.
    Crosby is a great young player but has some discipline to learn and it will not only better his play but make him a better person.
    Remember all great sports players should lead by example.
    By the way Crosby comes from my neck of the woods.
    You are right I think Malkin may go because I think there may be a personality clash between the two stars.
    Have a Merry Christmas Thayne and keep up the good work.Take care.

  • Melissa Hanschell posted 2344 days ago

    Melissa Hanschell

    I still thought it was a pretty intense game from my view, would have been much better if joe bowen was broadcasting it though (yes, im a biased leafs fan who likes his voice).

    Fleury gave up half way through i think, yeah the leafs were lucky, but fleury gave up a lot of bad goals, one way or another it seemed like they were being deflected off of one stick and into the net every time. It just wasnt like fleury, ...

    But take a look at that jeremy williams, i love how cherry was comparing his look to savaard, i feel like he looks more like casey affleck (ben afflecks bro)
    That kids on fire

    Bring in Pogge i say

    and no crosby for me, he is one of the best players in the nhl, he just seems like a pretentious snob lol

  • Melissa Hanschell posted 2344 days ago

    Melissa Hanschell

    I guess we were both wrong
    but i was the closest to it soo hah

    man what a game though
    was like watching a playoff game
    fleury gave up some bad goals though

    and that eric goddard got on my nerves by the end of the night

    plus, am i the only one that doesnt like crosby?

  • Melissa Hanschell posted 2344 days ago

    Melissa Hanschell

    i say 5-3 toronto muaha

  • Melissa Hanschell posted 2345 days ago

    Melissa Hanschell

    Yeah we probably dont always see that
    i dont think i can remember the last time they get all excited after scoring a goal
    The junior games are so fun to watch because their all fighting to make it into the nhl so they're basically all over the place when it comes to the game. Hedman is crazy huge, its nuts.
    Game tomorrow in mississauga, that should be interesting.
    i sometimes have a hard time believing it lol
    crazy men...