Jon Stropes

Jon Stropes


I was a baseball fan before anything. I became a Cubs fan at a very early age when I played for the Cubs in little league. For the same reason I am a Yankees fan (only half heartedly though). Later in life I learned to love the Red Sox as well. Being that I grew up being raised by a single mother I was unaware of sports rivalries. I only discovered how odd it was to be a Yankees and Sox fan years later. Growing up my sports heroes were Mark Grace, Ryne Sandberg, Andre Dawson, Shawn Dunston, Don Mattingly, Ricky Henderson, Nolan Ryan, and Wade Boggs.

As a teenager, I learned to love the NFL. Being from Indianapolis, it was an obvious choice to be a Colts fan. These were the days of Captain Comeback himself, Jim Harbaugh. When Peyton Manning was drafted, we knew we had something special, and he has proved us right over the years.

I long for the year that the Colts win the Super Bowl again and the Cubs finally break their streak of not winning the Series. I do believe both those things will happen in the next few years.

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