Chuck Fiello Jr.

Chuck Fiello Jr.


I am a 36 year old sports fan who tries to follow many sports including pro wrestling. I didn't realize until late in life how much I enjoy writing so I am a late bloomer. I have my own blog if your interested in checking it out at which focuses mostly on Syracuse Orange sports but occasionally other topics as well. I am always open to and enjoy discussion even if it's improving my writing or just sports in general but I am the guy who will not be able to recite dates and stats off the top of my head so be prepared for that. I just hope to contribute and make this experience enjoyable for me and anyone who reads my material.

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  • Dan Scofield posted 2948 days ago

    Dan Scofield

    Jimmy Clausen has been the best quarterback in the past 240 minutes of college football. Will he be invited to New York this year, or will the Tebow's of the nation get their pre-reserved seats?

    Don't be shy.

  • Patrick Green posted 2970 days ago

    Patrick  Green

    Check this out, it is about jeff hardys greatest moments

  • Richard Marsh posted 2998 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    Part VI. I believe I am halfway home. Looking forward for your comments.

  • Richard Marsh posted 3025 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    Part Four at your door. Enjoy.

  • Richard Marsh posted 3101 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    This is the last article I will be "pimping", only because it was created by others. It's a great read, looking forward to your comments.

  • Richard Marsh posted 3120 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    You should enjoy this.

  • Richard Marsh posted 3123 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    Pimping My Picks

  • Richard Marsh posted 3127 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    Enough is enough. Take a look. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments.

  • J posted 3133 days ago


    This is the third in my “connections” series, and I think my favorite so far. Taking a slightly different look at the wrestling world, through philosophy and ethics…