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Joshua Jackson


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  • Pc nick posted 1618 days ago

    Pc nick


  • Reference Code8070 posted 1687 days ago

    Reference Code8070

    Did you see Philip Sims left Va? Also Star Jackson left Georgia St? See a pattern here? The guys you wanted to start for alabama all could not make it at smaller schools, if you look at it objectively Alabama gave to guys a chance that they really didn't deserve it because neither could amke it at a small school.

  • Reference Code8070 posted 1706 days ago

    Reference Code8070

    Let's have a serious talk about race? It seems to be all you are about.

  • Daniel James posted 1731 days ago

    Daniel James

    That was embarasssing.

  • Bobby King posted 1732 days ago

    Bobby King

    I like Auburn but as Lionel says you are an embarrassment to your state and to your fan base. .

  • Lionel Simms posted 1801 days ago

    Lionel Simms

    You are an embarrassment to the Auburn fan base and the state of Alabama.

  • OLD SCHOOL BAMA FAN posted 2013 days ago


    J your a racist. Point blank! Saban plays the BEST player no matter what their color but you can't see that cause your all caught in hate. What you don't understand is all these "Northern" universities give us Alabama people a hard time cause we have so many minorities on the team. I've heard it from Penn State people last year and Michigan people this year. You want to know how they get by with it? They don't talk about color cause they know thats politically incorrect but what they say is our academic standards are high it makes it hard for us to compete implying that alabama has a bunch of "dumb" players i.e. minorities. Norte Dame people are the worst. True be know Alabama has more equality and is more progressive than all those other schools combined. Nick Saban plays the BEST player and thats the way we like it! You make me sick! People like you are a closet racist. Sorry to tell you this but Jackson & Sims quit and just didn't have the talent to start.
    I see you had a suggestion for Nick & Terry well heres one for you. Get up go look in the mirror at yourself cause thats what a racist looks like!