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  • Peter Bojarinov posted 1790 days ago

    Peter Bojarinov

    My first real Atlanta Thrashers article is soon too come !

  • Peter Bojarinov posted 2251 days ago

    Peter Bojarinov

    I want to apologize to the Bleacher Report, editors, writers, family, friends, and our readers.

    I thought I had a few articles in the beginning that I wasn't true to myself, I will put more of my opinion in them from now on.
    I'll try too, but sometimes I get lost in just a good idea, and posting it. I get too caught up in a previous thought.

    Now, the real reason...
    I left for way too long. I have my own NHL playoff hockey pool. When that happens, work and the pool take too much of my time. I didn't have anytime to put into a true love of speaking and writing about sports (mainly hockey). I will work to put more time into this. Though I have alot going on, I'll try.

    Thanks guys,
    please read, and please leave good constructive feedback, as well as comments on each issue.
    Thanks again, everyone.

  • Captain Fanatic posted 2268 days ago

    Captain Fanatic

    Hey there Peter...join us at

  • Miah D. posted 2354 days ago

    Miah D.

    I actually got to see those Kovalev's amazing goals!
    now that is what I call a hockey player, big time!

    I am definitely going to buy his DVD just to see some more!
    yeah, go kovalev!

  • Jessica Silko posted 2354 days ago

    Jessica Silko


    Done! It was a good article. I tried to leave you editor feedback, but it wouldn't let me submit, so I'll just tell you here.

    I just fixed a bit of formatting. Short paragraphs are always better, so just break them up a little bit in your next article.

    Looked good though. Those two games were perfect examples for you to make your point.

    Happy writing!

  • Jennifer Conway posted 2354 days ago

    Jennifer Conway

    Hi Peter,

    I think we can all benefit from learning the history of hockey. For one thing, it's some cool stuff. For another, it wouldn't hurt to look backwards instead of always forwards for innovation.

    Let me know if there's any history or player profile you'd really like to see. Feel free to leave me comments anytime.


  • Derek Harmsworth posted 2362 days ago

    Derek Harmsworth


    Thanks for the add, appreciate it.

    Hope the Leafs can pull this, either way last night, my heart was pounding when they had the goalie pulled.