Jeremy Hernandez

Jeremy Hernandez


Hi! I'm Jeremy Hernandez.
I'm just a kid trying to learn in writing here in bleacher report. Trying to learn everything I can to become a good sports writer/journalist in the future. I'm here to write fact not fiction to tell the truth opinions and being completely fair in writing about each team. To stay completely true and not a biased reporter.
I'm here to learn but also to give my own, to contribute and to give my views, opinions using facts and giving fair written articles. I intend to make you think more and think precisely on what you're saying about teams, rumors etc.

I am a die hard Laker-fan. I am here to present you facts about my team/our team. Given the facts I am not denial about facts and stats, but I am really emotionally attached to the Lakers. But will never deny on why they loss or how they won. I am here to tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

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