Gregg Mullen

Gregg Mullen


Hi there,

I am a young aspiring sports journalist, currently paying my way through my course with the British College of Journalism.

I run my own My website which has had over 40 thousand hits in over 17 countries worldwide in just 2 weeks. These countries include Japan,Australia,UK,USA,Canada, Brazil and various other countries across Europe.I am also writing for various MMA websites in the UK, USA, Canada and across Europe.

I am very driven and dedicated to Sports Journalism and I'm looking to focus in MMA, which is the fastest growing sport in the world and bringing in millions of viewers worldwide every single week. I hope you enjoy what i write.

Kind Regards, Gregg Mullen

Owner of
Writer for MMARecap in America
Writer for IdealMMA in Canada
Writer for BritMMA in England
writer for EuropeanMMA

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