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Jae Bela

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Since I already introduced myself, lemme dive in folks. I'm from KDY (Kennedy) neighborhood in Washington DC mane. Ain't nuffin around here but trouble. So instead of messing with some fools, I chill out and surf the web from time to time when I'm in the crib. I'm a college student studying International Business. I'm trying to one day be able to take vacations when I get to 40...ya digg??? My basic goal in life is to achieve on a full plateau of all genres of life, which will enable me to be beneficial to people. I love...I don't hate at all, but I love my people first. Alot of people maybe shocked by me saying "nigga" or "cracka", but hey that's just me expressing myself through what I know...which is my heritage. The heritage of them uptown DC streets, and I'm definitely cool with that...but the question is "are you"??????????


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