I've been writing for Bleacher Report for a few years now. It's been a rewarding experience to say the least.

I've had articles published by the Washington Post, Askmen.com, and Raycom Sports. I've also had a front page article on FOXsports.com and several articles picked up by CBSsports.com. On top of that, I've covered the last two ACC tournaments as a member of the press on behalf of CBS and B/R, interviewing the players and coaches and getting closer to the game than I ever thought I'd be.

As a fan, I root for Duke. Everyone roots for someone and I think sports journalism would be a lot better off if analysts just admitted who they pull for. You can be a passionate fan of a team and still be an unbiased analyst. I call it like I see it no matter who I root for.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/justinmcteer

Email: mcteerj@gmail.com

I also co-host a great sports radio show after most Duke games: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/offtheboards

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  • Brad Frank posted 1440 days ago

    Brad  Frank

    Congratulations, Justin.

    In reviewing the process of applying to write for B/R, your November article, "Duke's Kyrie Irving May Be the Best Freshman in the Nation," was among three other articles mentioned as Good B/R Content.

    Just wanted to pass that along in case you were unaware.

  • Mike Kline posted 1502 days ago

    Mike  Kline

    Justin just wanted to apologize. I wrote a piece on the hypothetical match up between John Wall and Kyrie Irving at the College Level and posted it and now see that you posted your piece on Irving. Didn't mean to jump on your tailcoats and had I seen your piece I probably wouldn't even have written mine.

  • Johnathan Robertson posted 1514 days ago

    Johnathan Robertson

    "As an analyst, I call it like I see it no matter who I root for."

    You forgot to post in your bio that you are a part-time comedian as well.

  • Curtis Clontz posted 1589 days ago

    Curtis Clontz

    Please check out my latest. It is a preview of the up coming roster! For some reason it didn't post on the Duke, ACC, or College Basketball pages.


  • John Doublin posted 1682 days ago

    John Doublin

    Be sure to join me on "It's Game Tyme" An internet sports talk/call in show hosted by me and fellow B/R writer DawgFather. The topics this week: Pac-10/Big-10 expansion, NBA Playoffs and the Clinton Portis-Lavar Arrington feud.

    Saturday, May 22nd at 6pm EDT, 3pm PDT at:

    I hope you'll tune in!

  • jairy hunter posted 1713 days ago

    jairy hunter

    So I guess you've gone underground due to a new addition? If so congrats! What a year for you with a baby (then way way down the list), Duke as Champs, and now Singler coming back....

  • Parker Shields posted 1724 days ago

    Parker  Shields


  • Parker Shields posted 1728 days ago

    Parker  Shields

    Here is an article, I wrote to get ready for next season, didnt mean to publish so early, but here it is.


  • David Scercy posted 1729 days ago

    David Scercy

    Justin, we started a new ACC website with a ton of features. It just launched this morning and I would love to run ur articles on the front page from time to time. Come check it out. http://accsmacktalk.com

    Fans from all ACC teams are joining in.