Jason Stowell

Jason Stowell


Cowboys fan since Aikman was Drafted.
Angels fan since I can remember.
Lakers fan since Kobe was Drafted.
Bruins fan since I can remember.
Mean Green fan for the past few years (they're my under-dog/achievers in college athletics).

I, like most of you, enjoy sports and talking about all the different intricacies involved. I tend to stay more focused on the sports and teams I like but have enjoyed learning new sports through the many diverse friends that I have.

I'm not one to hold back on my opinion, however. I do try to be as politically correct as I can mainly for myself. I understand all too well how people have their own opinions and how they will vary from my own but that has never detoured me from saying what I have to say. If anything, I try to listen to what others have to say about the subject and then beat it down with good ole common sense.

I'm fortunate in my life to have wonderful people around me who all believe I should be doing this for a living. But Sports is a passion, and this is as far as my passion will go for the time being, until I'm ready for that next step. That will all be dependent upon my success here. Sure it's nice to know your loved ones think you're are as good as anyone out there. But the true test is in the responses and comments of those you don't know and have harsher opinions then yourself.

So I'm here to get my feet wet, write about the sports I love and have fun in the process. Wish me luck, if you dare, and look forward to reading all of the comments soon to come.

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