Billy  Armstrong

Billy Armstrong


I'm currently serving my third year out of six for the United States Air Force. Sports and writing about it has always intrigued me, but hockey has always peaked my interest. My favorite sports teams are in the order of Washington Capitals, Washington Redskins, Baltimore Orioles, and Washington Wizards. I will gladly watch any sport on any given night, just for the enjoyment. I'd call myself blunt, but realistically driven.
Sports writing, for me, started in 2003 at Westfield High School. My favorite teacher of all time, John Butterfield, gave hilarious sayings and quips, regarding the field of journalism in what you could call "Journalism 101", but intrigue into journalism came after being the feature in a news article for my school's newspaper, "The Watchdog". Long story short, I wrote angry letters to Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Capitals, because of his team's fire sale, that included my favorite player Peter Bondra, which happened right before a game I saved money to go to. The problem was the email was sent on my mother's email account. Mr. Leonsis felt bad and invited me to a game as his personal guest and sent an autographed puck of Peter Bondra. My girlfriend at the time, a friend, my mother, and I were able to go into Mr. Leonsis's suite for a photo opp. I still have the picture in my room back home. I went on to write for the Pacemaker Award winning newspaper, "The Watchdog" at Westield High Schoool, both writing and taking photographs for stories on hockey, football, men's soccer, field hockey, wrestling, and lacrosse. Following high school I attended Liberty University. During my two years at the school, I joined the sports writing staff of the Champion newspaper. I covered mostly hockey, additionally serving as the hockey team’s Public Address Announcer and I trail blazed the starting of the radio broadcasting program. I was primarly the beat writer for the hockey team, but I also covered and did feature stories on football players, covered soccer and did a feature, and I did the same for women’s basketball and wrestling.
Since then, I've wrote four articles for this site, having one, "State of the Union: Post Winning Streak" highlighted by the Washington Capitals twitter page.

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